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Our installers have experience working on any type of commercial jobs from 200 to 20,000 square feet. Our experienced crews are equipped to handle every roofing project of all types and sizes.

repairing a mod bit roof
mod bit roofing
tpo roofing

Modified Bitu​men Roofing

An asphalt-based, two ply torch on roofing system, comparable to Built-up-Roof (BUR) designed for buildings with low-slope or "flat" roof structures. The strength and durability of this product makes it a favorable choice for the most experienced installers.

 After the base is applied the cap is heat sealed using a torch flame applied by a highly experienced installer, ensuring that members is watertight and fully adhered to the roof. This choice flat roofing membrane is the most common within the industry. 

iko base
iko cap

The most preferred roofing system.

Offering two layers of protection

Termoplastic Polyolefin Roofing

TPO is a single-ply roofing membrane that is one of the fastest growing commercial roofing systems on the market. TPO roofing systems are made up of a single layer of synthetic and reinforcing scrim that can be used to cover flat roofs.

tpo roof

Does not contain environmentally hazardous chlorine

100% recyclable

5x Tear strength of EPDM

Excellet reflectivity- Saves energy costs

Strongest seams - 8x stronger than adhesive


Repairs - Roof Inspections - Leak Detection

Roof Repairs

Roof Inspections

Metal Flashings

Parapet Walls

Frequently Asked Questions

My roof is a 4/12, what happens if I apply shingles?

Shingles are only meant to shed water and are recommended to

install on roofs with a 4/12 pitch or above. Installing shingles on a

lower slope can cause leak issues, and is not recommended in

Northern Ontario.

What exactly makes a flat roof more durable?

Mod bit roofing is considered a   2 ply bullet proof system within the industry creating a continuous layer across your roof that is hand torched on ensuring your roof is watertight and secure for years to come.

How long will my new flat roof last?

With proper ventilation, clean drains, and pre winter inspections your new flat roofs life expectancy is 20 + years. For more information feel free to call us at the office to go over your flat roofing estimate.

What is a cut test?

When properly quoting a flat roof, your estimator should always perform a cut test. Cut tests are important as they determine what is

underneath your roofing membrane. All of this together can ensure we

are providing the most accurate estimate possible.

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